Is the old indieboost.io website still available? Do you still offer the same services?

The old Indie Boost website that you may be familiar with was recently retired so that the team could focus on launching the new platform. Although it will not be making a reappearance we are happy to announce that all of the popular services present on the old website will be made available on the new platform at a much lower cost thanks to the new automated process.

How does Early Access work?

When you sign up to Early Access you will receive a welcome email informing you of your position in the queue. Every couple of weeks we will be reaching out to those at the front of the line to onboard them. We are running Early Access in order to test out all of the features and refine our algorithms, during Early Access we will offer discounted or in some cases free services for eligible games.

How can I move up the queue and get Early Access sooner?

If you would like to move up the queue and start using Indie Boost sooner all you would have to do is share your link via twitter, facebook or email. The more you share, and the more users you refer, the further up the list you will climb, and the sooner you and your team will get onboarded.

How much will the Indie Boost services cost?

The services will be subscription based and offered in several tiers that are designed to allow developers and publishers to easily scale the platform offerings to their needs. While we cannot announce the subscription prices just yet, it is our priority to make Indie Boost the most affordable video game marketing solution for both indie developers and larger studios and publishers.

What is the best way to keep tabs on the progress of Indie Boost?

The best way to keep track of all the news and announcements is to sign up for Early Access and we will keep you updatated via email. Additionally if you want to get daily updates follow us on twitter @indieboost_io