Shotgun Farmers

Shotgun Farmers is a unique multiplayer shooter where your bullets grow the guns. Missed shots grow into new guns that you can pick up! Megastorm games boosted shotgun farmers to YouTubers and Twitch streamers through Indie Boost.



On Twitch and YouTube + Game trended on Steam at launch

"Making games is hard, having Indie Boost help you market it makes it that much easier"

- Qazi: Shotgun Farmers

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Medieval Kingdom wars is a Grand strategy title that was boosted to YouTubers via Indie Boost in a highly targeted campaign to increase their store traffic and consecutive players post launch.


500% BOOST

In consecutive players

"Truly impressive that *Indie Boost* was able to score this coverage for us"

- Konstantin Fomenko: Medieval Kingdom Wars

Riot - Civil Unrest

RIOT - Civil Unrest is the highly anticipated real-time riot simulator that places the player right in the heart of some of the world's most fractious clashes. Merge Games boosted Riot to influencers and media through Indie Boost.


On Twitch, YouTube and top games media outlets

"the service was good and added to our existing campaign,getting covered by kotaku was a definite bonus"

-Nick Clarkson: Merge Games

Arena Gods

ARENA GODS is Spectacle Combat, a top-down, arena fighting game where two to four gladiators compete to be the last one standing in an anything goes deathmatch spectacle. Indie Boost helped Supertype launch the game.



On Twitch and YouTube. Game trended on steam

"Indie Boost played a key role in our first Early Access release. Everything went smoothly especially because of a truly 24/7 prompt support. We intend to continue this partnership to promote our game as it evolves and for future projects!"

- Rodrigo Costa: Arena Gods

Super Blood Hockey

In super Blood hockey you Relive the golden age of arcade sports gaming - A violent homage to classic 8-bit and 16-bit ice hockey games. Lorem Lemke (sole developer) used indie boost to assist in the launch of the game.



On Twitch and YouTube. Game trended on Steam

"IndieBoost offers professional quality services at an indie friendly price. The bottom line is their services resulted in more sales than the cost of the packages thems"

- Loren Lemcke: Super Blood Hockey

Suicide Guy

Suicide Guy is a viral hit set in the incredibile and extraordinary dreams of its protagonist. Developer Fabio Ferrera boosted the game to youtubers and twitch streamers through Indie Boost.



On Twitch and YouTube + Trended on Steam

"Indie Boost helped us a lot by making our game visible to major and minor gaming websites as well as get our game to influential Youtubers"

- Fabio Ferrera: Suicide Guy