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By Indie Boost Team    

    We created Indie Boost to get more exposure for games and the people who cover them. Going into last year, we had one goal: to give developers, publishers, content creators, and press much needed tools to build their audience. It’s been such an honor to be there for all the launch dates, subscriber goals, and all the amazing content we’ve seen for games on the platform.

    In 2018, we had a huge year: we launched boosts, the bidding platform, and worked with our community to bring you the best platform we possibly could. This year, we’re so proud to be able to provide a platform for over 1,000 incredible titles. We’re a small team taking on a huge endeavor, and we couldn’t do it without all the support and feedback we get from all of you.

    Two things we were especially excited about this past year:

  • We partnered with IndieDB and Game Jolt to connect even more developers to vital community building resources.

    Our onboarding partnerships allow developers to list their games on Indie Boost with just their IndieDB or Game Jolt links (in addition to Steam, App Store, and Google Play Store). For those who create their game pages with their store links, it takes less than a minute to get set up.

  • We launched Indie Boost Gig, which allows developers and Partnered content creators to securely collaborate on paid content creation projects.

With Indie Boost Gig, all developers can create a bidding project and match with Partnered content creators who would be the best fit for the job. Then, both parties can work out details, complete Gigs, and handle financial transactions through our secure system.

The Partner Program was definitely another highlight of 2018, but none of this would be possible without all our content creators and press, which is why we set up programs to benefit everyone who submits content. As of December, all verified creators on Indie Boost can earn prizes and money to help them keep doing what they love! We worked hard to create our Partner and Ambassador Programs to provide greater levels of support and compensation for creators who are serious about growing their channels.

    We want to start out 2019 by saying thank you to everyone who has been part of our community. All the time you’ve spent using the platform, giving feedback, and participating in our programs has helped us make Indie Boost even better. This year, we hope to provide even more services to more games and those who cover them.

    Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we dive into the new year! 

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    We created Indie Boost to get more exposure for games and the people who cover them. Going

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