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The first video game marketing platform focused on providing tools to developers, studios and publishers backed by smart algorithms.

Indie Boost is designed to work across all platforms including PC, Console and Mobile




Press release


Generate a Website, Press Kit and Press Release in minutes. Completely free and optimized by industry veterans and game journalists.




Twitch Streamers


Distribute your game to thousands of curated media, youtubers and twitch streamers and get live reporting of the results, key distribution and all content made.



Paid Youtube Content

Paid Twitch Streams


Get your game streamed by influencers on twitch and youtube on any budget. Set how much you want to spend and instantly receive bids from thousands of influencers.

Save Money

Indie Boost is hands down the most cost effective video game marketing service available today.

This is achieved by replacing manual labor with smart automation designed to get you the best results at the lowest cost possible

Get Exposure

Indie Boost will automatically send your game to media and youtubers most likely to feature it thanks to our smart algorithm that actively learns influencer behaviour.

It will also track and report on all content produced in real time.

Save Time

Set up your website, press release and press kit in minutes instead of weeks.Indie Boost automatically generates all of your marketing materials.

All templates are designed by veteran publishers in collaboration with games media and influencers

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