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Get your game in the hands of thousands of verified press, YouTubers and Streamers in minutes. All your outreach in one place.


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Indie Boost automatically creates your press release for you and sends your game to verified press, streamers and YouTubers. It automates your key distribution and follows up on outstanding coverage. You get reports and alerts on all coverage produced. All you have to do is provide your store page link.

Currently supports all major console, PC and Mobile games

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Every game has an audience. We have created a matchmaking algorithm to help you find it by matching your game to the interests of thousands of verified press, streamers and YouTubers as well as the millions of players that follow them.

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The dashboard provides an overview of all the tools as well as the latest news and updates

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Set up and distribute your press release in seconds, match your game with the right press, streamers and YouTubers

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Set up a bid project and promote your game and drive traffic to your store through our partnered Streamers and YouTubers.

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Track engagement, redeemed keys, and comments from press, streamers, and YouTubers.

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We are constantly improving our matchmaking algorithms, onboarding new press, YouTubers and Streamers, and adding new tools and products to help you get your game discovered

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So far, we have achieved over 200 million views for our customers across Twitch and Youtube, as well as coverage in prominent gaming media outlets. Read some of our case studies and see what publishers and developers have say about Indie Boost

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Boosts help you reach your targeted press, youtubers, and streamers through our automated system.

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Promote your game and drive traffic to your store through our partnered Streamers and YouTubers.

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Boost your game to press and content creators